These 25 Paleo and Low Carb Meal Prep Ideas prove that eating healthy can be delicious and is totally doable even when you feel overwhelmed. Let me show you how to fill your freezer with weeks of delicious healthy meals easy and fast. A little prep work over the weekend will set you up to eat healthier, save money, reduce stress, and still keep up with your health goals.

Healthy Freezer and Low Carb Meal Prep Recipe Ideas

Eating healthy can really be a challenge sometimes. At the time of this publication people are feeling anxious about coronavirus (COVID-19). Many people said to me that preparing healthy meals is really difficult and it is probably the last thing they can think about right now.

As a recipe creator who believes that the food we eat has a direct impact on our health. Especially during this special time, we need a strong immune system to fight the virus. I want to provide some practical meal prep ideas and good options about how you can help you and your family eat healthy. Without further ado, here are the 25 paleo and low carb meal prep recipes and many of them are freezer friendly!

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Low Carb Meal Prep Ideas – Assemble Now & Cook Later

  1. Steamed cod fish with ginger scallion sauce
    Simply fold the cod fillets in a parchment paper with a few drizzles of sauce seasonings. Freeze the pouch for later and no need to defrost. The recipe comes with air fryer and oven instructions.


Meal Prep Chinese Ginger Fish Steamed I Heart Umami
Easy Meal Prep. Just put everything in a bag!
  • Ground chicken and squash stew
    This is a great one pot meal with minimal chopping. Simply add the ground chicken, kabocha or pumpkin squash and dash of savory sauce. Freeze the bag for later. Also no need to defrost. It’s savory and sweet. Serve this light stew over a bowl of steamed rice, shirataki noodles, or any gluten-free pasta noodles. Freeze meal prep with kabocha squash I Heart Umami
  • Grain-free grits
    This is a classic, hearty, and filling breakfast idea, made with almond meal, savory sausages, and sauteed button mushrooms. 2 ingredients – almond flour and water. Feel free to add any toppings over this savory and nutty delicious grain-free grits. Whole30 Breakfast Grits Meal Prep I Heart Umami
  • Crispy Lemon Thyme Chicken Thighs
    3 ingredients only crispy lemon chicken thighs. This is another wonderful make-ahead/freezer meal prep idea. The recipe comes with oven, stovetop, and air-fryer instructions. Lemon Thyme Chicken Thighs recipe with lemon chicken marinade is gluten-free, paleo, keto and whole30 from I Heart Umami.


  • Lemon chicken marinade for meal prep I Heart Umami
    Be sure to check out meal prep method!
  • Thai Green Chicken Curry
    This is the ultimate dump-and-go style meal prep. Just add all the ingredients to an Instant Pot or Slow Cooker. Pair it with any roasted vegetables for a healthy and low carb one pot meal! Thai Green Curry Recipe I Heart UmamiEasy Thai Green Curry Meal Prep I Heart Umami
  • Thai beef salad
    This salty, sour, and little spicy grilled steak salad comes together in minutes and is easy to prepare thanks to a fantastic Thai beef steak marinade. Grilled Thai style beef salad with Thai chili sauce dressing made paleo, gluten-free, low carb, and Whole30 from I Heart Umami.


  • Grilled hanger steak for Thai Salad I Heart Umami
    Juicy Thai style hanger steak
  • Canned Tuna Sushi Hand Rolls
    This is actually a No Cook recipe, using canned tuna. If you are stocking up on can foods, make my tuna temaki sushi hand rolls. Quick to assemble and delicious! What a great low carb meal prep idea! Temaki Sushi recipe is the best Low Carb Tuna Temaki Hand Roll recipe.Whole30 Tuna Salad for Temaki Sushi
  • Low Carb Meal Prep Ideas – Cook Now & Reheat Later

    1. Low carb meal prep gyoza meatballs
      These juicy chicken meatballs are packed with loads of veggies and roasted in the oven until golden delicious. You can roast them and freeze for later or flash freeze them raw and bake later!Paleo Meal Prep Gyoza Meatballs also known as Chinese Potsticker meatballs for healthy easy meal prep from I Heart Umami.
    2. Air fryer whole chicken
      With only 10-minute of active time and let the air fryer do the work for you! If you love a good juicy rotisserie chicken, this is it! Shred the chicken and serve it over salad or add it to healthy soups. What a great way to make once and eat twice, three times, or even more! Air Fryer Whole Chicken recipe with garlic-herb dry spice rub from I Heart Umami.
    3. Baked Whole30 Salmon
      If you have salmon in the freezer, defrost it in the fridge overnight and smother the sweet and little spicy korean Gochujang paste all over the fillet and bake! I recommend making this dish and reheating it over stovetop or a microwave and finishing the leftovers within 2-3 days.Whole30 Salmon Baked with Gochujang Glaze Paleo I Heart Umami
    4. Kimchi beef stir-fry
      Kimchi is probiotic and good for our gut health. Did you know it’s also a wonderful ingredient to make healthy dinner fast and delicious? I sauted Trader Joe’s shaved steak with store-bought kimchi. Simple and delicious. Just the type of meal that we need!Paleo kimchi beef stir-fry recipe with shaved beef steak from I Heart Umami.
    5. Instant Pot Taiwanese Beef Shank Stew
      This stew is inspired by Taiwan’s national dish – beef noodle soup. The beef shank is super flavorful and melt-in-your mouth soft tender. This is a wonderful Instant Pot Stew recipe that reheats well!Instant Pot Taiwanese Beef Stew recipe with beef shank is Paleo, Whole30, and Keto friendly.
    6. Chicken and Broccoli
      This chicken broccoli stir-fry reheats well in a microwave or stovetop. It’s the perfect one skillet meal with protein and vegetables. Also check out a seafood version – Shrimp and Broccoli stir-fry. Healthy Chinese Paleo Chicken and Broccoli Stir Fry Recipe with Keto Whole30 Chicken Stir Fry Sauce.
    7. Beef and Broccoli
      Easy and delicious beef broccoli stir-fry. This dish is shared and loved by over 250K people all over the world! A quick toss in the skillet with a sweet and savory sauce. Serve over rice, pasta noodles, or mixed baby greens. Simple and easy. No wonder people love this dish so much! Paleo Beef with broccoli recipe from I Heart Umami
    8. Creamy Chicken Casserole
      Juicy chicken breasts roasted in dairy-free milk cream. It’s creamy, rich, and cheesy tasting – just like your favorite chicken casserole recipe but Paleo Whole30 Keto friendly! Creamy Chicken Mushroom Casserole recipe for gluten and dairyfree use.
    9. Top 10 Paleo Meatball Recipes
      Meatballs are my favorite type of comfort food. They are packed with flavor and freeze well. Check out 10 of them in one post. All healthy and delicious!

    Meal Prep Ideas – Bone Broth/Soups/Immune-Boosting Juice

    1. Tomato Egg Drop Soup
      Soothing and utterly comforting easy egg drop soup is all I need when I need a bit of extra love.With a handful of easy to find ingredients, this soup is ready in 15 minutes! Tomato Egg Drop Soup recipe without cornstarch I Heart Umami.
    2. Instant Pot Bone Broth
      I’ve made this bone broth so many times, especially when I need extra immune boosting! A whole chicken, a packet of herbal soup packet, and water. Set it and forget and come back with a pot of most aromatic and out of this world delicious chicken bone broth soup. It’s that good and easy!Instant Pot Bone Broth Recipe from I Heart Umami
    3. Healthy hot and sour soup
      This veggie and protein packed paleo hot and sour soup will make you feel so loved and will bring a big smile to you! The soup has everything you need from loads of vegetables to healthy lean protein. It reheats well so make it now!Paleo Hot and Sour Soup recipe Gluten-Free, Whole30, Keto, AIP friendly
    4. Creamy Chicken Kale Soup
      Got any cooked chicken? Throw in some carrots and kale and top with crispy bacon for a pot of creamy delicious chicken kale soup!Creamy Chicken Kale Soup recipe that’s hearty, healthy, and gluten dairy free.
    5. Whole30 cup noodles (3 flavors!)
      For those days you need portable meals, these Whole30 cup noodles will come in handy! Choose any flavors you like – Japanese ‘miso’ flavor, Thai chicken curry, or Korean spicy kimchi cup. Just add hot water and enjoy the world’s healthiest low carb ramen cup noodles in no time! Whole30 Cup Noodles recipe are healthy low carb better than maruchan cup noodles!Whole30 Cup Noodles recipe are healthy low carb better than maruchan cup noodles!
    6. Easy Vietnamese Chicken tomato soup
      Love vietnamese chicken pho soup? This is a quick (shortcut) version to make your favorite chicken pho soup. P.s. it’s a flavor explosion in a bowl!Paleo Chicken Pho Soup recipe with tomatoes, simmered with juicy chicken thighs and lemon and lime zest in a clear chicken broth.
    7. Immune boosting green smoothie
      Packed with vitamins, leafy greens, and berries, this is a wonderful low sugar immune boosting green smoothie that everyone will love! Paleo Green Smoothie recipe for energy boosting and detox!
    8. Whole30 Turmeric Milk Latte
      This Whole30 turmeric milk has no added sugar and is super easy to make. It’ll help you keep calm and carry on!Dairy and caffeine free Whole30 Golden Turmeric Milk recipe is frothy creamy Whole30 beverage and anti-inflammatory.

    Whole30 Meal Plan (+ shopping lists!)

    If you are doing a Whole30 or just wanting to eat healthier, check out my Whole30 meal plan guide! It comes with a shopping list and Youtube Video walk-through demo, and the meals are balanced with vegetables, good protein/fat, and low or good carbohydrate suggestions. Get the meal plan guide here!

    Easy Whole30 Meal Plan guide with shopping lists for Whole30 meals! You’ll never run out of meal ideas with these bold flavored Whole30 recipes on your meal plan!

    More Low Carb Meal Prep Ideas

    More Whole30 Meal Prep Ideas

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