I Heart Umami


Hi, I’m ChihYu [chee-yu] Smith and welcome to I HEART UMAMI where I share Asian-inspired Paleo, Whole30, and Keto recipes. I’m so glad you are here!

I grew up in Kaohsiung Taiwan, a seaport town in the southern part of Taiwan island.

We live right next to my grandmother – so I remember when I was little, everyday after school I’d go back to my grandparent’s house to eat. My family originally came from China. And you know to Chinese family, food means everything and is the center of our daily life.

Have you eaten yet? Is our way of saying how are you today?

But like every modern family, both my parents were working professionals. But no matter what, my mom always manage to prepare fresh homemade meals for my brother and me every single day.

So homemade fresh and nutritious meals prepared in a fairly quick manner are always a huge part of my life.

A few years ago I landed a very demanding job in New York City and was attending grad school at night. I’d be home eating dinner around 10PM. And of course, what do you do when you are exhausted after work and school? You order takeout.

I’d be eating greasy delivery food with tons of carbs and thick sauces, and the food is either too salty or too sweet. And I noticed not only did I start to gain weight but also felt bloated, sluggish, and tired all the time.

After a couple of years, I was sick of feeling this way so I started setting a little time aside to make homemade meals a higher priority to my husband and I. I started bringing healthier food to work and making smarter choices when I order take out. And all the sudden, I’d be getting compliments from my coworkers about how good my food looks and smells.

I have lost unwanted body fat and no longer feel sluggish after lunch hours and that inspired me to start my own food website so I can help other people feel the same way.

In my experience, I think people put a little too much pressure when they decided to eat better or follow Paleo.

We feel like it’s either we go all-in or our efforts are wasted.

So what happened is that trying to eat healthier becomes a burden – it’s not easy to eat out, you spend more time on meal planning, and your family might eat differently than you do.

I think it’s better to slowly change one thing at a time and shift the focus on making food delicious first so that you can build a habit of healthy eating and don’t feel like eating Paleo becomes a burden.

Hi there, My name is ChihYu [Chee-Yu] Smith. Welcome to IHeartUmami.com – a website dedicated to help busy folks make everyday Asian-inspired Paleo cuisine.

What I love about the food I teach is that it’s simple to put together, it tastes so good and you wouldn’t believe it’s all paleo friendly.

If you crave Asian food, you’ve come to the right place.

If you want to make eating Paleo fit into your life realistically, let me help you integrate that food into your busy life.

…with no added sugar, no prep, and no last minute trips to the grocery store.