I Don't Have To Convince You Paleo Is Awesome

  • Energy Up 100%
  • Look Better Than Ever 100%
  • Delicious Food You Love 100%

You don’t have to count calories.

You look and feel better than you have in years.

You get to eat the food you love, like steak and bacon!

But Sticking To It Can Be A Hassle.....

  • Time to shop & cook 55%
  • Figure out what to eat 35%
  • Possibility of success 10%

You don’t always have time to shop or cook.

When you do have time, you feel limited to just a few dishes.

It’s hard to stick to the plan in a time crunch, and you’re tempted to compromise.

That's Why I Created I Heart Umami

I grew up in Asia, where there’s a huge variety of flavor.


When I moved to the US and started eating Paleo, I felt great, but the paleo menu seemed so limited.

I started researching how I could eat the dishes and flavors of my childhood, but stay Paleo.


Now I want to share the vast and varied world of Asian-inspired Paleo food with you.

I Want To Make Cooking Paleo As Fun And Painless For You As It Is For Me.

…and I’ve got the perfect thing to get you started.

What does the Quick Start Guide include?

Over the next two weeks I’ll email you 3 items:

  • One-stop shop infographic on what to and what not to eat on Paleo.

  • Paleo food lists and pantry guide with special report on what to look out for in the Asian grocery aisle!

  • 6-Day Asian-inspired menu that will help you lose weight starting from today.

No time to cook?

Prepare a whole week’s meals in advance, in just one session in the kitchen.


Existing options too limited/boring?

I’ll introduce you to some new flavors & authentic recipes straight from Asia.


Want To Lose Weight While Eating Delicious Asian Food ?

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