Low Carb Meal Plan (Paleo/Whole30/Gluten-Free) with a shopping list inspired by my meal planning program Easy Homemade! Now you can download a mini version of Easy Homemade and give it a try for free! Easy Homemade is a multi-purpose meal planning system that helps you save time, money, and still keep up with your health goals even during a pandemic!

Looking for a Paleo meal plan, Whole30 meal plan, or Gluten-free meal plan? Want more variety, more veggies, exciting flavors, and without spending 8 hours in the kitchen?

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What is Easy Homemade?

Easy Homemade is my brand new meal planning program. Basically, it helps you save time, save money, and stop throwing food away by repurposing dishes and changing them up for totally different flavors! #hooray!

We use a system that I created, called “Modularity”. It’s a brand new approach to meal planning that gives more of what you want – more veggies, more variety, new exciting flavors – but without the downside of spending more time in the kitchen.

With Easy Homemade you’ll be able to –

  • Say bye-bye- to boring leftovers
  • Save hundreds per week
  • And without spending 8 hours in the kitchen
  • And use up everything you buy

Testimonial from the real users!

“This time the leftovers are different. The veggies are crunchy delicious and the plan made it really easy!” ~Kelli

“This has forever changed the way I prepare for the week. Thank you so much!” ~Jody

After hearing how much members love the program, I decided to give you a mini version of Easy Homemade so you can take it for a test run and see how it helps you stress less over eating healthy.

Easy Homemade mini is designed for people who love healthy flavorful meals and are in the paleo, low carb, and whole30 lifestyle. P.s. the meals are also gluten-free, grain-free, and wheat-free.

Download Easy Homemade MINI for Free & Gain 8 hours + back immediately!

Easy dan dan noodles from the meal plan

Easy Dan Dan Noodles (ready in under 10 mins!)

How to use the Modularity System in Easy Homemade mini?

I created the Modularity system inspired by local fast casual restaurants like Dig-Inn and my favorite Chinese takeout joints. The chefs figured out a hack to create multiple dishes quickly and with very few ingredients around the work station.

I applied the hack from the restaurants and took it one step further to create a simple system for home cooks like you and me.

In Easy Homemade Modularity system –

  • We prepare simple meals that are often 5 ingredients or less. We called them the “Base Meals”.
  • They are easy to make and you can serve them as they are OR…
  • I show you how to “Change Them Up” for a second or even third completely different flavors.

In other words, you can serve the base meals mix-and-match buffet style and if you are feeling fancy, I show you how to completely transform them into different flavors of cuisine.

  • Easy prep: the base meals are often 5 ingredients or less.
  • More variety: The change up meals usually take 10-15 minutes to make.
  • No waste: Use up everything you buy.
  • Finger-licking delicious nourishing meals created by I Heart Umami.
  • Low carb, paleo, whole30, gluten-free, grain-free, wheat-free.
Cauliflower fried rice from the low carb meal plan

Ginger, Shiitake, Bok Choy Cauliflower Fried Rice (one of the change it up meals from the meal prep).

“Your recipe is just like takeout, only cheaper. It’s better. It ruined it now for some of our takeaway restaurants that we go to. It’s like, Oh, I don’t want to eat their food!” ~Jill.

Download Easy Homemade Mini & Gain 8 Hours Back immediately!

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Seared baby bok choy

Perfectly Seared Baby Bok Choy (always tender, crisp, NO NO SOGGY VEGGIES 🙂

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Healthy Scrumptious Low Carb/Paleo/Whole30 meal plan for people who love good food and don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen.

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An overhead shot display of the lettuce filled with ingredients

Easy Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps