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Easy Keto Christmas Recipes

ChihYu Smith

Looking for easy keto recipes for Christmas? Find a collection of my readers favorite holiday dishes that just happen to be low carb friendly!

Let’s get started!

Keto Stuffed mushrooms 


These delicious mushrooms are stuffed with spinach, artichoke, and cream cheese. Super delicious with air fryer or oven instructions.

Daikon potstickers


Daikon potstickers are the talk in town! Made with daikon dumpling wrappers, these potstickers are a dream come true!

Asian brussel sprouts


These brussels sprouts are air fried to crispy delicious and drizzled with maple soy glaze!

Lion’s head meatballs


Who wouldn’t love jumbo juicy Chinese meatballs? They are full of flavor, tender juicy, and low carb friendly!

Lamb korma


Buttery soft tender lamb shank stewed with savory herbs and coconut cream. This one pot stew is full of good fat and easy!

Kung pao shrimp


This is a must-make dish for seafood lovers! Jumbo juicy shrimp toasted in a naturally sweet and a little spicy kung pao sauce.

Bok choy soup


Serve the meal with my delicious bok choy soup in a light ginger broth. Simple to make and full of nutrition and flavor!

Keto chocolate crepe


Finish the meal with my super simple keto crepe with chocolate almond butter spread. They are the perfect make-ahead dessert!

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