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Non Traditional Christmas Dinner Ideas

ChihYu Smith

Looking for non traditional dinner ideas for Christmas? Here you will find a collection of Asian-inspired Christmas dinner ideas from east Asian to southeast Asian flavors.

Let’s get started!

Hotpot sauces


5 flavors of hotpot sauces you can pick and choose! They are the best dipping sauce for hot pot with flavors from Taiwan, China, and Japan!

Vegan hot pot


Nothing beats a big pot of simmered sweet vegetables and tofu in a soy milk miso broth hot pot. A terrific choice for Christmas dinner!

Garlic chili noodles


These noodles are seriously addictive! Garlicky, gingery, and a little spicy. Rice noodles tossed with chili and nut butter sauce. A must-make!

Crispy rice sushi


Think of these crispy rice sushi cakes in Asian-style canapes with avocado, cucumber, and smoked salmon topping. Air fry or pan sear.

Rice paper dumplings


These rice paper dumplings are loaded with veggies. Crispy outside and juicy sweet veggie inside. Air fry or pan sear.

Thai cashew chicken


Delicious sweet Thai cashew chicken is the perfect main dish for your non traditional Christmas dinner idea. So so yummy!

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