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Friendsgiving drinks and cocktails

ChihYu Smith

Looking for Drinks and cocktails for Friendsgiving? You’ll find a combination of Asian and Western-inspired flavors from hot and cozy beverages to cold and refreshing cocktails!

Let’s get started!

Sake grapefruit cocktail


Sake Cocktail with grapefruit and a touch of gin and ginger is an elegant sake cocktail recipe that’s super refreshing and gluten-free!

Matcha mango tea


Iced Matcha Mango Tea recipe for hot summer! Super refreshing and easy Matcha Iced Tea with tropical fruit for a healthy summer beverage!

Paleo hot chocolate


Paleo Keto Hot Chocolate, inspired by Italian style hot chocolate with dairy-free milk. Low carb healthy cacao chocolate drink!

Black sesame latte


Creamy black sesame latte made with 5 ingredients! Learn how to make a simple sesame milk tea recipe with options for vegan or keto choices!

Whole30 turmeric milk


Dairy and caffeine free Whole30 Golden Turmeric Milk recipe is frothy creamy Whole30 beverage and anti-inflammatory. Enjoy turmeric milk hot or iced cold.

Vietnamese iced coffee


Paleo Vietnamese Iced Coffee with dairy-free coconut milk and Whole30. Healthy Vietnamese Iced Coffee better than Starbucks !

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