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Asian Thanksgiving Side Dishes Ideas

ChihYu Smith

Here you will find a collection of Asian American Thanksgiving Side dish ideas with a combination of Asian and Western-inspired dishes that are full of flavor and healthy and delicious!

Let’s get started!

Rice paper dumplings 


These rice paper-made dumplings are crispy outside and inside are loaded with vegetables.  Air fry or pan fry.

Asian brussel sprouts


These crispy sprouts are glazed with sticky maple “soy” glaze. Crispy outside and full of flavor inside. Air fry or bake.

Garlic chili noodles


These chili garlic noodles are chewy and a little sweet, garlicky, and spicy. They are easy to make and a super popular side dish choice!

Bok choy stir-fry


A simple stir-fry side dish with bok choy and garlic. This side dish is easy to prepare and tastes so crunchy and refreshing!

Miso butter sweet potatoes


These oven-baked sweet potatoes paired with miso butter are savory, a little sweet, and delicious! Easy to make and everyone can enjoy!

Garlic green beans


Wok-seared blistered green beans with garlic and sesame taste smokey and delicious yet are not deep-fried. A must-have side dish!

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