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How to Make Perfect Poached Eggs  in the Air Fryer

ChihYu Smith

Air fryer poached eggs is an easy how-to recipe. Learn how to use ramekins to make poached eggs in an air fryer. Ready in just 6 minutes!

Let’s get started!



Preheat the air fryer following your default setting. Spray the ramekins with avocado or olive oil.

Add water


Add water to each ramekin and crack one egg per ramekin into the water. The eggs should be submerged under the water.

Air fry


Carefully place ramekins in the air fryer basket to poach eggs in air fryer. Air fry at 360°F (182 °C) for 5 minutes.

Midway through


Using a teaspoon or spatula, “release” the egg from the sides of the ramekins. Air fry for 1-2 minutes more.



Carefully slide the poached eggs in ramekins into a strainer to drain the water. Plate and season with salt and pepper before serving.

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