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How to make Air Fryer Salmon with Dijon Mustard

ChihYu Smith

Air fryer salmon with dijon mustard sauce ready in 15 minutes! Fresh salmon fillets & simple seasonings air fried to moist every single time!

Let’s get started!

Pat dry 


Preheat your air fryer, following your brand of default setting. Mine is Cosori and the default is 400F (204C) for 5 minutes. Pat dry the salmon if they are watery.

Make the sauce


To prepare the sauce, in a measuring cup with sprout, combine olive oil, mustard, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and garlic powder.



Pour the sauce onto the fillets. Use a silicone brush to help you distribute the sauce evenly and all over the salmon.

Air fry and Serve


Air fry for 8 minutes and check the doneness. Add another minute or two for medium-cooked salmon. The salmon is done when you can use a fork to flake easily.

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