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2-ingredient black sesame paste

ChihYu Smith

Black sesame paste (or black tahini) is made with 2 simple ingredients - toasted black sesame seeds and honey (sweet version) or sesame oil (savory). Use the paste for ice cream, latte, or cookies!

Let’s get started!


Pan roast 


Dry roast black sesame seeds until they are lightly toasted with a nutty aroma.

Ground to powder


Ground the seeds in a small blender until they turn into black sesame powder and a little sticky.

Sweeten it


Add a few table spoons of honey for a sweet version or toasted sesame oil for a savory version.

Blend again


Blend them again until it forms a sticky and thick paste. Add 0.5 tbsp water for thinner paste if desired.

How to use it


Use the paste to make latte, ice cream, and cookies.

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