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Air fryer thanksgiving recipes

ChihYu Smith

Thanksgiving Dinner recipes made easy with air fryer! You’ll find a combination of Asian and Western-inspired flavors from savory proteins to refreshing vegetables and drinks!

Let’s get started!

Air fryer salmon bites


Air fryer salmon bites are cubes of salmon nuggets seasoned with honey, paprika and air fried to crispy. Serve with creamy caper-chive sauce.

Air fryer zucchini fries


Air fryer zucchini fries with crispy zucchini sticks dipped in parmesan and serve with garlic aioli sauce. Simple ingredients low carb!

Keto stuffed mushrooms


Keto stuffed mushrooms with cream cheese, spinach, and artichoke is an easy low-carb side dish/appetizer with Air fryer/oven instructions!

Maple  brussel sprouts


These air fryer brussels sprouts in maple lemon glaze are crispy easy! 6 ingredients, plus oven instructions. Best air fried brussel sprouts!

Air fryer whole chicken


Air Fryer Whole Chicken with garlic-herb spice rub and air fried to golden juicy. You're gonna love this air fried rotisserie style chicken!

Sake grapefruit cocktail


Sake Cocktail with grapefruit and a touch of gin and ginger is an elegant sake cocktail recipe that’s super refreshing and gluten-free!

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