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Oi Muchim Korean Cucumber Salad

ChihYu Smith

Korean cucumber salad, Oi Muchim, is an easy and refreshing side dish with Korean pickled cucumbers and keto friendly spicy cucumber dressing!

Let’s get started!

Dice & Salt


Dice the cucumbers into round cylinder-shaped and toss them in a bowl with salt. Let rest for 30 minutes.



Combine the salad dressing in a bowl. It should taste garlicky, tangy, and a little spicy. Store it in the fridge.

Rinse & Pat dry


Rinse the cucumbers a few times. The cucumbers should taste a little salty.  Pat them dry with a towel.



In a large bowl, mix the cucumber slices and dressing together. Toss well. Best refrigerate before serving. Serving chilled.

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