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Leftover Turkey Ideas

ChihYu Smith

Here you will find a collection of easy leftover ideas for your thanksgiving turkey! From soup to salad, from savory to a little sweet dishes, guaranteed delicious and easy!

Let’s get started!

Turkey or chicken corn soup 


Creamy, thick, and full of flavor. This delicious corn soup is made with cooked and shredded turkey or chicken.

Hot sour soup


Easy hot and sour soup made with cooked turkey or chicken. Savory, a little tart, and a little spicy. Absolutely delicious!

Asian noodle soup


Nothing beats a big bowl of Asian chicken or turkey noodle soup. With baby bok choy and noodles, this is a delicious & healthy recipe!

Mandarin salad


Chopped chicken or turkey salad is never boring with sweet mandarin oranges and paleo peanut sauce. Refreshing, healthy, and easy!

Creamy chicken kale soup


Creamy delicious chicken kale soup with sweet carrots and salty bacon bits, this hearty soup is delicious and super healthy!

Sweet potato cakes


You’ll never guess under these sweet mini cakes there is hidden chopped turkey! What a fantastic and fun way to use up the leftovers.

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