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How to make crispy air fryer fried egg

ChihYu Smith

Learn how to make crispy fried egg in air fryer with the best temp and time, including how long to cook egg to crispy in an air fryer pan.

Let’s get started!



Spray the pan with oil. I recommend using an oven-safe and nonstick baking tray or or low wall setting bake pan.



Place the pan in the fryer basket, and preheat it at 400°F (204 °C) for 5 minutes. You want the pan to be hot.

Add the egg


Crack an egg into a small cup or bowl and carefully pour the egg onto the hot pan or tray. Be careful the pan will be hot.

Air fry the egg


Air fry at 350°F (177°C) for 3 minutes for a sunny side up or over-easy egg. If you prefer a medium egg yolk, add 1 minute to the cooking time.

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