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How to make Chinese eggplant in air fryer

ChihYu Smith

This Air fryer Chinese eggplant with crispy outside and buttery soft inside, brushed with balsamic garlic sauce. Easy, healthy, gluten-free!

Let’s get started!



Cut the eggplant at an angle into 2-inch wedges so they will have the best texture and not turn mushy in an air fryer



(Optional) Sprinkle some salt over eggplants. Leave for 15 minutes. This will allow the eggplant to sweat, improving its texture. Pat them dry.



Toss the eggplant with oil before adding starch. Coat all sides evenly. The starch will make the exterior a little crisp after air frying.

Air fry


Air fry at 400°F (204°C) for 5 minutes. Brush the sauce all over the eggplants and air fry for an extra 3 minutes.

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