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How to make air fryer deviled eggs

ChihYu Smith

Air fryer devilled eggs with creamy garlic dijon filling! Just hard-boiled eggs in an air fryer, no need for water - quick, easy, delicious!

Let’s get started!

Air fry 


Preheat the air fryer and a trivet inside. Add the eggs on top and cook at 280°F (138°C) for 13 minutes.



Use an oven mitten to carefully remove the eggs and soak them in a bowl of cold water until they are warm to the touch.



Slice the eggs in half lengthwise and remove the yolks. Blend the yolks with seasonings until they are creamy and smooth.



Use a small teaspoon, or a small pastry piping bag, to add the filling back to the egg white. Garnish and serve at room temperature.

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