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How to cook yu choy with garlic sauce

ChihYu Smith

This Yu Choy recipe is quickly blanched and seasoned with loads of garlic and sweet soy sauce. Gluten-free, easy, and healthy side dish.

Let’s get started!

Preparing yu choy


Start by trimming the dry ends off the Yu Choy, about a quarter inch from the bottom. Wash in cold water and drain off any excess water.

Blanching yu choy stems


Bundle the Yu Choy, stem down, and blanch standing up for 45 seconds. If the stems are thick, blanch for just over a minute.

Blanching yu choy leaves


Then, submerge the entire bundle for another 30 seconds. Remove and cool in cold water to stop the cooking process. Squeeze out excess water gently.

Making the sauce


Sauté the garlic and stir in the sauce and warm it up for about 30 seconds. Pour the warm sauce over the blanched Yu Choy and serve immediately.

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