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Air fryer appetizer recipes

ChihYu Smith

Looking for crispy air fried appetizers? You’ll find a combination of Asian and Western-inspired flavors from crispy egg rolls to vegetable loaded dumplings. All are gluten-free!

Let’s get started!

Rice paper egg rolls


These Rice paper egg rolls are gluten-free with cabbage. Make these egg rolls with rice paper wrappers in oven, air fryer, or stovetop.

Rice paper dumplings


This Rice paper dumplings recipe made with rice paper wraps is crispy and gluten-free. Rice paper wrappers dumplings are delicious and easy!

Keto stuffed mushrooms


Keto stuffed mushrooms with cream cheese, spinach, and artichoke is an easy low-carb side dish/appetizer with Air fryer/oven instructions!

Crispy rice sushi


Crispy Rice Sushi recipe with salmon (or spicy tuna) is delicious and easy! Learn how to make sushi rice cake squares crispy crunchy!

Taiwanese popcorn chicken


Taiwanese popcorn chicken (AKA Yan Su Ji or Salt and pepper chicken) with super crunchy coating and authentic Taiwanese fried chickenrecipe.

Air fryer deviled eggs


Air fryer devilled eggs with creamy garlic dijon filling! Just hard-boiled eggs in an air fryer, no need for water - quick, easy, delicious!

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