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How to make Vietnamese brisket pho

ChihYu Smith

Beef Brisket pho recipe made easy at home with Instant Pot. With fresh herbs, tender brisket, and flavorful pho broth, ready in 40 minutes.

Let’s get started!

Before Cooking


Rehydrate the dry shiitake mushrooms and par-boil the marrow bones and brisket in a large stockpot.

Dry roast


Pan-grill the herb combo ingredients - shallot, ginger, cinnamon sticks, and star anise - to bring out smokey flavor.

Instant Pot


Pressure cook to simmer the beef bones, brisket, herb combo, mushroom water, and other ingredients for 40 minutes on high.



Add the noodles and fresh herbs, bean sprouts, vegetables and slice the brisket against the grain. Ladle broth over and serve hot.

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