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How to make hot pot sauces

ChihYu Smith

5 flavors of hotpot dipping sauces for hot pot at home! From savory to nutty, from creamy to a little spicy, they are a must-have for hot pot lovers!

Let’s get started!

Taiwanese shacha 


Savory and garlicky with a hint of seafood flavor.

Garlic sesame sauce


Creamy, garlicky, and savory. Just mix everything in one bowl

Spicy chili-garlic sauce


Spicy sauce with a savory, and slightly tangy flavor.

Sesame miso sauce


Creamy, nutty, and umami-rich from the miso paste.

Spicy “peanut” Sauce


Nutty, spicy, and savory, with a mildly sour and sweet flavor.

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