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How to make  General Tso Shrimp

ChihYu Smith

Homemade general tso shrimp with a sweet sticky general tso sauce made healthier and ready in under 30 minutes! Pair with rice for a fantastic homemade dinner

Let’s get started!


Prepare the shrimp


Butterfly the shrimp and lightly coat with starch. Mix well.

Prepare the aromatics


Prepare the garlic, ginger, and Chinese dried red chili peppers by cutting it open to remove seeds.

Pan sear the shrimp


Pan sear the shrimp until both sides are quickly seared but not over cooked. Transfer out.

Saute the aromatics


Use the same pan, saute the aromatics until fragrant.

Add General Tso Sauce


Add in the sauce and stir for a few seconds to thicken the sauce before returning the shrimp.

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