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How to make garlic broccoli

ChihYu Smith

This Broccoli with garlic sauce is a Chinese takeout favorite! Tender broccoli tossed in garlic sauce. Simple ingredients, healthy, and fast!

Let’s get started!

Trim the broccoli


Trim the stems and cut broccoli florets into similar bite-sized pieces so they cook evenly. Rinse, drain, and set aside.

Prepare the garlic sauce


Grate the garlic and divide the sauce into two. The first half cup will be used to steam the broccoli and the second will be added to the sauce.

Cook the broccoli


Saute the garlic and broccoli over medium-high for 1 minute. Pour in ½ cup of the stock and steam for 2 minutes.

Add the slurry


Stir the slurry mixture in a small bowl and pour it into the pan. Toss until the sauce is slightly thickened. Serve hot or warm.

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