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How to make fried rice in air fryer

ChihYu Smith

Air Fryer Fried Rice made quick & easy! The rice grains are little crisp outside and soft inside, healthy and ready in 10 mins!

Let’s get started!

Coat with oil


A the cold rice, frozen vegetables, dry seasonings, and oil. Gently toss to coat the rice evenly. This will help the rice “fried” up evenly.

1st Air fry


Transfer the rice mixture into a cake pan that can fit inside your air fryer basket. Air fryer at 380°F (193°C), uncovered, for 5 minutes.

Liquid seasoning


Remove the pan. Mix in soy sauce and white scallions and then pour in the whisked egg. Stir everything again.

2nd Air fry


Lower the temperature to 360°F (182°C) and air fry the rice for 5 more minutes. Stir the rice mixture again. Garnish with green scallions and serve.

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