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Gluten free thanksgiving dinner

ChihYu Smith

Readers’ favorite Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Dinner recipes! You’ll find a combination of Asian and Western-inspired flavors from savory proteins to refreshing vegetables and healthy sweets.

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Air fryer zucchini fries


Air fryer zucchini fries with crispy zucchini sticks dipped in parmesan and serve with garlic aioli sauce. Simple ingredients low carb!

Rice paper egg rolls


These Rice paper egg rolls are gluten-free with cabbage. Make these egg rolls with rice paper wrappers in oven, air fryer, or stovetop.

Roasted bok choy


Roasted bok choy with tender, crisp, and juicy baby bok choy is a great side dish. Ready in 8 mins. in the oven and serve with chili sauce.

Dutch oven chicken


Dutch Oven Whole Chicken Roasted with red curry and homemade fresh herb paste and vegetables. This one pot roast chicken is easy & delicious!

Air fryer green beans


This Ding tai fung green beans recipe is loaded with garlicky flavor with 4 ingredients only and made in an air fryer - easy, fast, delish!

Sake grapefruit cocktail


Sake Cocktail with grapefruit and a touch of gin and ginger is an elegant sake cocktail recipe that’s super refreshing and gluten-free!

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