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Last minute Thanksgiving recipes

ChihYu Smith

 Thanksgiving Dinner recipes that are big on flavor and easy! You’ll find a combination of Asian and Western-inspired flavors from savory proteins to refreshing vegetables and healthy sweets.

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Mini turkey meatloaves


The best juicy Mini Turkey Meatloaves - gluten, grain, and egg-free. Moist and juicy comfort food. Find out how to make this super flavorful healthy meatloaf !

Maple brussel sprouts


These air fryer brussels sprouts in maple lemon glaze are crispy easy! 6 ingredients, plus oven instructions. Best air fried brussel sprouts!

Garlic green beans


This Ding tai fung green beans recipe is loaded with garlicky flavor with 4 ingredients only and made in an air fryer - easy, fast, delish!

Gnocchi mushroom sauce


Potato Gnocchi in Mushroom Cream Sauce with pillowy soft gluten-free gnocchi and dairy-free mushroom sauce is a fantastic one pot meal!

Thumbprint cookies


Sweet and tart Paleo Blackberry Lemon Jam Thumbprint Cookies are the best Paleo Christmas Cookie recipes for holiday and healthy treats.

Grapefruit cocktail


Sake Cocktail with grapefruit and a touch of gin and ginger is an elegant sake cocktail recipe that’s super refreshing and gluten-free!

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