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How to make authentic wonton egg drop soup

ChihYu Smith

Wonton egg drop soup with silky wontons & fluffy egg ribbons in flavorful chicken broth. An authentic recipe just like how it's made in Asia.

Let’s get started!

Make the wonton filling


Combine the shrimp, pork, shiitake mushrooms, scallions and shallots and stir in one direction until a sticky, thick paste forms.

Fold the wontons and boil


Fold and seal the wontons. Cook 3-5 minutes until they float. Transfer out to a plate, drizzle oil to prevent sticking.

Make the egg drop soup


Taste and season chicken broth with ginger, scallions. Drizzle in whisked egg in circles into the boiling broth to form ribbons.

To serve


Put torn seaweed snacks, white pepper and sesame oil in each bowl. Ladle hot soup over. Add  wontons to each bowl. Serve hot.

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