I Heart Umami

Ground pork stir fry miso sauce

ChihYu Smith

Elevate your weeknight dinner with this simple flavorful miso ground pork stir fry. Delicious miso sauce with crisp lettuce makes it a winner!

Let’s get started!

Garlic and lettuce


Finely mince the garlic. Roughly chop the lettuce and separate the layers. Rinse them a few times and set aside to drain well.

Miso sauce


In a cup, combine miso paste, mirin, soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, and starch. Stir well and set aside ready to use.



Cook the ground pork until they are perfectly browned and turn into crispy bits. Season with salt and cumin powder.

Veggie and sauce


Add the lettuce. Quickly saute until they are crisp then pour in the miso sauce. Toss everything together for 30 seconds. Serve with rice on the side.

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