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Crispy rice sushi (air fryer or stovetop)

ChihYu Smith

This crispy rice sushi has the most crispy rice and endless topping choices. You can make it in an air fryer or stovetop. Perfect party appetizer.

Let’s get started!


Use cooked rice


Press the cooked sushi rice into a flat bottom container to make a block shape.

Slice and cook


Slice the rice into squares. You can air fry or pan sear them to crispy.

Prepare the sauce


Combine the bang bang sauce ingredients in a jar and mix them well. 

Add the vegetables


Add the cucumber and avocado slices to the rice sushi. Do this piece-by-piece to build layers.

Extra toppings


Add smoked salmon and chives, and drizzle with the bang bang sauce over the rice sushi.

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