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6 ways to fold wontons

ChihYu Smith

Learn how to fold wontons with square wonton wrappers for steaming, boiling, deep frying, pan searing, or soups with step-by-step photos.

Let’s get started!

Little Boat Shape


Place 1 tsp filling on a wonton wrapper, fold into a triangle, seal edges, then bring bottom corners together and press. Place on a parchment-lined pan.

Golden Money Shape


Place filling in the center of a wrapper, fold into a rectangle, seal edges. Moisten one bottom corner, then press both bottom corners together at the center to form a bonnet shape.

Money Pouch Shape


Place filling on a square wrapper, moisten edges, then create a 'C' shape with one hand. Press wrapper into the 'C', forming a pouch, and pinch the top to seal.

Pyramid Fold


Place more filling in a wrapper, moisten edges, and pinch two opposite corners together above filling. Lift remaining corners to form a star shape, suitable for frying or pan-searing.

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