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Chinese Thanksgiving Recipes

ChihYu Smith

What do Chinese people eat for Thanksgiving dinner? You’ll find a combination of Asian and Chinese-inspired flavors from savory proteins to refreshing vegetables and healthy sweets to celebrate the holiday.

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Stuffed Mushrooms 


Keto stuffed mushrooms with cream cheese, spinach, and artichoke is an easy low-carb side dish/appetizer with Air fryer/oven instructions!

Rice paper dumplings


This Rice paper dumplings recipe made with rice paper wraps is crispy and gluten-free. Rice paper wrappers dumplings are delicious and easy!

West Lake Beef Soup


West Lake beef soup is a hearty ground beef soup with shiitake and tofu. Westlake soup is soothing, flavorful, healthy, and easy to make!

Turkey fried rice


Easy turkey fried rice uses leftover turkey, rice, frozen vegetables, and pantry seasonings. This leftover makeover dish is simple delicious!

Garlic chili noodles


Super addicting Garlic Chili Noodles with chili garlic sauce ready in 15 mins.! Rice noodles tossed in spicy chili oil made gluten-free easy!

Steamed bok choy


Steamed bok choy with garlic oyster sauce ready in 15 minutes! Learn how to steam bok choy to tender, crisp, and flavorful easy and fast!

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