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Paleo Asian Coleslaw recipe, tossed in a creamy Whole30 sesame dressing.

Paleo Asian Coleslaw

This is a terrific fresh, and crunchy Paleo Asian Coleslaw that I call it Asian Slaw because it has shredded vegetables and with a creamy toasted Japanese sesame dressing. The crunchy vegetables and nutty...

Paleo Chicken Yakitori Skewers Recipe with Whole30 Teriyaki Sauce from I Heart Umami.

Paleo Chicken Yakitori Skewers

If you love Japanese food, you will go nuts for this Paleo Chicken Yakitori Skewers! This recipe calls for juicy chicken thighs and lightly charred scallions, basted in a naturally sweet and savory Paleo...

Gluten-Free Paleo Teriyaki Sauce Recipe is Whole30, Low Carb, and a great dipping sauce from I Heart Umami.

Paleo Teriyaki Sauce

A healthy gluten-free Paleo Teriyaki Sauce that’s quick to make and rivals store bought! You know exactly what goes in it and is a terrific sauce for any Whole30 low carb teriyaki recipes or...

Paleo Grilled Peach Avocado Salad recipe with prosciutto and arugula low carb and whole30 from I Heart Umami.

Grilled Peach Avocado Salad

The thing that sets this Paleo Grilled Peach Avocado Salad apart from others? Toss with a sweet aged balsamic vinegar first, then finish with fresh arugula and salty crisp prosciutto for that ultimate summer...

Paleo Mung Bean Sprouts Recipe is a low carb salad dish for summer season from I Heart Umami.

Mung Bean Sprouts Recipe

Crunchy and refreshing Paleo Mung Bean Sprouts Recipe takes mere minutes to make. This bean sprouts salad will pair beautifully with most proteins and is a wonderful low carb side dish for hot summer!...

Low carb seafood dim sum from the Asian Paleo Cookbook by ChihYu Smith I Heart Umami

Low Carb Seafood Dim Sum

Low carb seafood dim sum from the Asian Paleo Cookbook is super simple yet so incredibly delicious, you will be blown away! With only 3 ingredients in the seasoning, it takes only 5 minutes...