Meal Prep Challenge Week 2 July 2017 edition !

You are amazing ! That’s right. We’re halfway through our 2-week meal prep challenge. Time flies when you’re rocking out !

I hope you have enjoyed coming home to savory yummy healthy food already waiting for you !

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HIT THE PLAY BUTTON to watch the Week 2 challenge meal prep video. We have crispy sesame beef, savory Asian taco meat sauce, and one no-prep-time meal ! It will go hand-in-hand with your PDF written instructions. You will get a bird’s eye view and have a complete mental picture before you step into the kitchen !

Prep like a ninja !

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Navigate this video tutorial quickly:

Welcome ! XOXO 😀

1:41 – Batch prep aromatics like a ninja !

2:23 – How to pre-make, store and freeze crispy sesame beef and sauce !

3:26 – How to pre-make, store and freeze Asian taco meat sauce !

4:31 – Batch prep cauliflower rice & My signature (Whole30er most wanted) Muffin Tin Sweet Potato Yam Mash ! Pre-make, freeze, and ready when you are !

5:45 – How to prep and store veggies easily and quickly !

What is the I Heart Umami Meal Prep Challenge ?

I Heart Umami meal prep challenge is a 2 week free Paleo and Whole30 friendly meal planning program to help you batch shop, prep, and cook so you can come home to dinner (plus the next day’s lunch) already waiting for you.

Currently we plan on hosting the live challenge every quarter and during the live round tens and thousands of us come together to shop, prep, meet new friends, and celebrate eating good food together !

The new live round of the I Heart Umami Meal Prep Challenge kicked off on Monday, July 10th and its never too late to join us today.

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For the month of July, you’ll find information related to this live round of meal prep challenge on my blog and I’ll be dedicating one week of blog content to show off your gorgeous meal prep creations ! So be sure to use hashtag #IHeartUmamiMealPrep or #IHUMealPrep if sharing on social media.


And a few reminders for general Q & A – XOXO ❤️❤️ !

1. Looking for Week 1 of the I Heart Umami Meal Prep Challenge video ?   You can find the Week 1 meal prep video here.

2. If you opted in to my blog on or before July 4th, weeks 1 and 2 menus have been emailed to you on July 5th and July 12th. Please check your email inbox first and spam folder next ! You should have an email from ChihYu (that’s me) from

3. Just signed up ? If you have just signed up (Yay ! Welcome !!), the week 1 challenge menu will be sent to your email inbox right after signing-up so please check your inbox! Week 2 will be sent to you 5 days after you receive week 1. So please check your inbox !

What to do if all else fails?

Well, please send a hello message to me at I check my inbox once per day and will get back to you by the end of the day. :))

Thank you so much for joining me ! I can’t wait to see all your lovely creations !!

So let’s Eat Yum, Get Fit, Come Home to Dinner (plus the next day’s lunch) worry-free !

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Let’s get started !

Only want to prep a single particular dish (instead of a week’s worth of super yum meals done in batch cooking)?

You won’t be left out ! You’ll find links below to take you to each individual publication ! :))

Crispy Sesame Beef – It’ll leave you wanting for more !

Paleo Asian Taco Meat Sauce Meal Prep Bowls

My no prep time meal – Seared Halibut (or Cod) Lemon Piccata

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