Meal Prep Challenge July 2017 edition !

Welcome to I Heart Umami Meal Prep Challenge ! I’m so happy to have you here with us ! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Our new live round of the I Heart Umami Meal Prep Challenge kicks off on Monday, July 10th !

For 2 straight weeks, hundreds and thousands of us will come together and cheer you along the way to celebrate eating good food.

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All the recipes in this free meal prep challenge have been published as individual blog post on my site with the exception of the meal 2 in the week 1 challenge menu, which will be published in a few more weeks. So if you only want to prep a single particular dish (instead of a week’s worth of super yum meals done in batch cooking), you are not being left out ! You’ll find links below to take you to each individual publication ! :))

So HIT THE PLAY BUTTON to watch the Week 1 challenge meal prep video. It will go hand-in-hand with your PDF written instructions. You will get a bird’s eye view and have a complete mental picture before you step into the kitchen !

Side benefits ?

  • You’ll prep faster like a pro ! #LikeANinja 😀
  • No more left wondering what to do in the kitchen !
  • More time to play with the dogs, chase kids in the park, or soak in the pool ! #LivingAGoodLife 😀

Meal Prep With Me !!

Welcome ! XOXO 😀

1:30 – Batch prep aromatics like a ninja !

2:09 – How to pre-make, store and freeze jumbo juicy lion’s head meatballs !

3:23 – How to pre-make, store and freeze insanely delicious Asian chicken thigh steak !

4:18 – Batch prep cauliflower rice & My signature (Whole30er most wanted) Muffin Tin Sweet Potato Yam Mash ! Pre-make, freeze, and ready when you are !

5:33 – How to prep and store veggies easily and quickly !

And a few house game rules before I send you off – XOXO !

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Thank you so much for joining me ! I can’t wait to see all your lovely creations !!

So let’s Eat Yum, Get Fit, Come Home to Dinner (plus the next day’s lunch) worry-free !

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Let’s get started !

I Heart Umami meal prep challenge. Paleo Whole30 meal prep challenge.

Only want to prep a single meal instead of a week’s worth of super yum meals done in batch cooking ?

Click the pictures below to take you to individual blog post.

Garlicky Lemon Chicken Thigh Steak – individual recipe post to come in a few weeks

Crispy Salmon Fillet !

I Heart Umami Meal Prep Challenge. Paleo Whole30 meal prep. Crispy Salmon Fillet.

Make these for dinner !