Episode 1 Ask Me Anything with Podcast Host Discovering Paleo, Ken Liu.

Is your question in Episode 1 of Ask Me Anything ? Let’s find out!

In this episode we cover:

  • What does Muay Thai boxing have to do with Ken eating Paleo?
  • Caloric intake and the cholesterol myth from Diana.
  • What to do when organic produce isn’t available or if it’s too costly to afford from Susan.
  • Having difficulty droping that last few pounds? You’ve tried everything you but still feel like hitting the weight loss plateau?
  • What should you do when you are surrounded by unhealthy foods and processed foods, from Bruno. (The question, not the foods;)
  • How much protein you should take in if you want to improve your body composition and what should you eat after an intensive workout, from Lauren.

Dive into the action here:

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Should you make time to watch this?

Read these 7 points in 30 seconds then, make the judgement call:

  • What does Muay Thai Boxing has anything to do with Paleo? Find out how Ken started Paleo instead of other diets. (start at 0:58)
  • Diana asked if she should worry about caloric intake and the dreaded cholesterol test… (start at 5:52)
  • Listen in on Ken’s journey of becoming a Primal Blueprint health certified coach in Mark Sisson’s coaching program and how a film course he took in college has led him to the next level in his pursuit of happiness. (start at 9:12)
  • Susan asked what should you do when organic produce isn’t available or too costly to afford? (start at 12:38)

Turns out, buying all organic produce isn’t what she needed to do. Instead, discover the 12 most pesticide and contaminated vegetables you should be aware of before stepping into the grocery store.

  • Having difficulty dropping that last few pounds? You’ve tried everything you can but feel like you’ve hit the weight loss plateau?

Listen in for answer. What Ken and I revealed might just surprise you since you’ll be able to apply it to your daily life too…(start at 20:31)

  • Bruno asked what should you do when you are surrounded by unhealthy foods, processed foods?

Find out why Ken tells him to do nothing but to just do one thing to his mindset and framework so he could use immediately to help him combat the temptation that won’t cost him a dime. (start at 25:42)

  • Lauren asked how much protein a person should take if she wants to improve her body composition and, what should you eat after an intensive workout? (start at 31:06)

Peek over my shoulder as Ken directs Lauren to 2 experts in the health/fitness/female hormone nutrition niche for a complete break down.

About Ken:

Ken is a certified Primal Blueprint Health Coach. He helps people lose weight, reverse disease, and gain confidence through the Paleo lifestyle. Ken is also a podcast host on Discovering Paleo where he interviews ordinary people whose lives were touched positively by the Paleo lifestyle. 

How to contact Ken:

Website: http://discoveringpaleo.org

Email: discoveringpaleo1@gmail.com

If you are a subscriber, please send future questions to the next episode of Ask Me Anything at Hello@IHeartUmami.com

Thanks Ken and as always THANK YOU for sharing your questions with us !

*Side note:

Cholesterol –  If you are interested in learning more about eating Paleo/Keto with cholesterol test, I met Dr. Jonny Bowden at Paleo f(x) this year and Dr. Bowden answered our exact concern with high cholesterol. Check out the book here.

The dirty dozen from organic.org – http://www.organic.org/articles/showarticle/article-214

Further info on protein intake – http://www.marksdailyapple.com/how-much-protein-should-you-be-eating/#axzz4AvPmh9T1

Products mentioned – http://www.wildfoods.co/

Female hormone issue and nutrition in different age groups. Check out – http://nourishandflourishhealth.com/