:: Time To Stop Wondering What To Eat Tonight ::

Go from eating whatever’s left in the fridge to having meals so delicious you’ll want to say this…

…all with just 2 hours of prep on one day.

• • •

My stress levels were up to “record breaking”…

The thought of having to cook from scratch… a 30-minute recipe (even 20-minute) is too much to think about.


I was working more than a full-time job, finishing my graduate school degree, having a family to feed, house chores to care, and come home late day after day.


And our meal situation was not helping. Every single afternoon around 4PM Nate and I would call each other and ask the same question: “What’s for dinner tonight?”.


Best-case-scenario, I’d cook a big pot of stew over the weekend and keep adding water throughout the week to extend the meals.


Wanna see a-typical weeknight meals I used to make ?

Day 1 (pork stew)

Day 2 (add water + carb heavy dough)

Day 3 (more water + I don’t even what that is)

Sound similar ?

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Even on a good week, it’s tough to keep creating new and interesting flavors night-after-night, let alone if you don’t want to simply repeat last week’s meals next week.


Every time you get bored and want to try something new, you can count on a long-day at the grocery store, and time and energy following recipes that may or may not work.


But try in the middle-of-the-week, after a long workday, when you just want to sit down and rest, but you’ve gotta invent something.


So you fall back on one of your familiar go-tos (eat the same thing again)


…or you order takeout (expensive/sugary/feeling bloated afterwards)

• • •

Welcome to my life 2 years ago

When I started eating Paleo, I had one simple goal – I just want to get fit, stay fit, while eating delicious food without going hungry.


But, I quickly ran into some hurdles –


I had no time to plan or put together a week’s worth of meals and with any kind of variety.


Or worse, I’d gathered the ingredients and think I’d get to it tomorrow. But tomorrow will turn into another tomorrow …

And it’s not as if I hadn’t tried all the usual stuff…


Cookbooks are great for occasional inspiration, if you don’t mind hunting down unfamiliar ingredients, then spending all afternoon on an experiment. (And not being able to figure out why yours don’t like as lovely as the book’s.)


But what if you want to whip something up with just what you have in the house?


What about those meal-planning apps that create grocery lists for you? Just pick and choose what I want and the computer will generate all the info for me to shop, prep, and cook. Sounds amazing, right ?

But there was a problem – it was boring…


Creamy potato chowder sounds great but where’s the meat and crunchy veggies?


Shredded beef stew made me mouthwatering but I need fresh leafy greens.

Where’s the meat ?

Where’s the veggie?

And I still have to cook five meals and deal with leftovers unless we want to eat the same thing over and over again.


And forget about DIY meal-creation services that mail you ingredients.


Once the boxes arrive they become a ticking time bomb. I still need to find TIME to cook or they’d gone to waste. I ended up spending EXTRA TIME to figure out what the instruction sheets meant before I can put meals on the table.


Nope – I’d reached a dead-end:


Either I was going to pay for a food-delivery service…(expensive, inflexible, possibly boring, but at least I’d save time…)


…or I was going to invent my own system that let me create my own delicious meals, ahead-of-time, with tons of flexibility and deliciousness.

A system that would let me eat stuff like this…

Simple, flavorful, real everyday healthy food.

…without spending whole-days in the grocery stores, or having to rush home and deal with prep.


I decided I needed three things:


# It had to be delicious


# I had to be able to prepare everything in advance, so that on weeknights I was literally just heating it up.


# I refused to just repeat the same meals every week. It had to give me at least a month before repeating meals.


My dream was simple: I just wanted to reach inside of my fridge and know that I have mouthwatering meals ready to eat.


I don’t want to think about it. I don’t want to spend hours on food prep on a Tuesday evening. I just want it to work.

Everything prepped and ready for me.

Along the way I realized something…

What if I only need to prepare 2 main dishes and transform them into multiple meals for dinner plus the next day’s lunch during the week.


I could shop for common ingredients, cook once, then change up to make more than one meal from the original recipe (without spending more time) ?


And if I was worried it would have to be boring, I was wrong…

So I made it work for me, but would it work for others?


I started coaching a small group through four weeks.


I was so nervous…


What if I’d just gotten lucky?

Or if others wouldn’t be able to find the ingredients…

…or, worse yet, what if they wouldn’t be able to reproduce the flavors in their own kitchens?


After the first session, I checked in with my coaching group, and their responses caused me to breathe a huge sigh of relief:

These folks had taken my system, and used it to create dishes like these…

…Just a-typical dinner…

…and that’s the system I want to offer to you today.


Cook Once Eat All Week

A 4-week done-for-you meal planning system that guides you from having to figure out what to eat every single day to making mouthwatering, healthy meals with minimal thought and effort…. in just 2 to 2 ½ hours per week.

• • •

The time is now and I can help.

Actual meals you’ll eat in Cook Once Eat All Week

Over the next 4 weeks, you’ll enjoy coming home to meals that taste amazing and actually fit into your life without repeating a single recipe – for an entire month.


Each week, I’ll walk you through a step-by-step approach with short cuts to repurpose 2 main dishes for multi day use and new ways to extend your meal variety.


By the end of Week 4, you’ll have an abundance of “go-to” core recipes you can fall back on and meals that you actually look forward to eating.


Imagine how you’ll feel when coming home from a full day work, reach inside of your fridge and know that you have mouthwatering meals ready to eat.

Meals like this are a regular part of your daily life

• • •

Ready to eat delicious, mouthwatering food without repeating a recipe for an entire month all in just 2 to 2 ½ hours per week?

Here’s exactly what we’ll cover:

It all starts in the first week, when we’ll make my readers’ favorite dishes together

We start with my signature dish – Paleo Mongolian Beef because this dish packs with tons of flavor and is perfect for meal prep.


I’ll show you how to use similar ingredients and turn it into a completely different dish – Paleo Chinese Beef and Pepper Stir-Fry.

For chicken lovers, I’ll show you how to repurpose my Simple and Flavorful Chicken Fajitas and transform it into Chicken Shawarma bowl with a creamy tahini dressing.

Next, slow-cooked comfort food that cooks while you’re out and about.

Sometimes you just want to come home to enjoy a bowl of slow-cooked savory beef/pork stew. I’ll show you how to use natural fruit to make this Korean bulgogi stew savory, but with a hint of natural sweetness. The ultimate set-it-and-forget-it meal that cooks while you’re out and about.

I’ll also take you to experience the Korean take on Chinese food – Ginger Chicken with Sweet Summer Squash and transform it to Healthy Orange Chicken Over Warm Kale all in under 2 hours.

Then, you’ll discover the simplest (and the most flavorful) Thai curry created in your own house – like magic.

Think about the last time you had a bowl of delicious creamy Thai curry.

This week, I’ll show you how to easily make your own Thai coconut curry without using any store-bought paste. Cook once and have your food waiting for you all week.

And I’ll show you how to use your freezer to make the most juicy and burst of flavor Thai hamburger patties with creamy avocado lime dressing. It’s so easy that a caveman can do it !

Now, A dinner you dream about on your way home.

This week is about satisfying your deepest food desire since the day you’ve gone paleo.


No more same old chicken salad. No more burger with no buns. Just juicy, perfectly grilled Argentinian Skirt Steak with Chimichurri and the next day come home to the tastiest (and healthiest) Chinese sesame chicken with light and refreshing lemon garlic broccoli florets all waiting for you to devour.

• • •

While others are content to leave you with just a recipe, or an app, I’ll hold-your-hand through every detail of preparing these dishes…

All modules come with video demos that walk you through meal preparations and serving day guides. Within 5 to 7 minutes, you’ll have a complete mental picture and save you time on what to do in the kitchen. No more guess work or wonder what to do in the kitchen.


Cook Once Eat All Week is more than mere recipes. This 4-week program takes the hassle out of meal planning and guides you through every aspect of making healthy & tasty meals possible for busy professionals – 4 weeks of complete done-for-you shopping lists, meal prep, and serving day guides with meals that are not only Paleo but also Whole30 friendly.


Each meal is balanced with protein, vegetables, and low carbohydrates. The cooking instructions are not generated by a computer, but instead are carefully designed and tested by me and the founding members in the program.


And the results are that we deliver the most efficient way for you to prepare a week’s worth of healthy meals plus the tastiest dinner (and the next day’s lunch) ready for you and your loved ones.

• • •

Look at the Cook Once Eat All Week difference

• • •

Does Cook Once Eat All Week Work? Hear from former students…

You don’t need to spend hours cooking. You don’t need to keep wondering what to eat this evening. If you’ve enjoyed the freedom of coming home to dinner (plus the next day’s lunch) worry-free, eat mouthwatering food, get fit and feel amazing, this program is for you.

• • •

Frequently Asked Questions

“How is Cook Once Eat All Week different than other meal planning programs out there? ”


There are plenty of meal planning services out there but when I looked at the other programs, I noticed 2 things:


1. Most meal programs are mere recipe hosting sites.


The recipe quality varies, depending on where the source is coming from. Most the programs aim for quantity instead of quality and give you recipes that they’ve never tested before.


What if the meals taste boring? What if you need to skip a day? If you want variety, you’ll end up spend more time to make more dishes. There won’t be guidance showing you how to turn one original main into a completely different dish so you don’t get sick of it.


Recipes don’t have those answers. We do.


2. Most meal programs give you literal instructions and leave you wonder what to do in the kitchen.


We provide not only printable shopping lists, meal prep and serving day guides but also video tutorials to walk you through the process all in under 5 to 7 minutes so you can prepare food in “fast-forward” and no guess work.

“How many hours per week do I need to spend on preparing food ? ”

You should expect to set aside between 2 and 2 ½ hours per week to prepare a week’s worth of delicious and balanced meals with variety.

Once you get the hang of the material, it’ll take even less time. You can cook while listening to your favorite music or podcasts. And I’ll show you shortcuts to make cooking even more efficient.

“Are the meals Paleo/Whole30/gluten-free/dairy-free?”


All meals in Cook Once Eat All Week are not only Paleo but also Whole30 compliant, balanced with protein, vegetables, and low carbohydrates. This is my promise to you. And that means the meals are also gluten and dairy free.


Unlike other Paleo recipes use honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar as sugar substitute, I’ll show you how to achieve natural sweetness using vegetables and homemade sauce to achieve sweetness without added sugar.


No Paleo junk food. Just pure simple, good, and honest real food.

“I already do meal planning. Can’t I just do it on my own?”


Yes you could ! In fact, the majority of founding members in the program have been doing meal prep by themselves.


But here are the hurdles they run into when they were on their own –


They spend time browsing on internet searching for a recipe with the right ingredients, seasonings, sauces, and perhaps tools/equipments they’d need. Then spend more time to search for a second dish or side dishes to go with the mains.


By the time back from the grocery store (or stores), realize some ingredients are missing from shopping lists. It takes time and mental brainpower to search for recipes that everyone can eat, compile shopping lists without missing crucial ingredients, and then spend more time figure out which thing to do first so you don’t end up spending whole weekend cooking and cleaning in the kitchen.


And no guidance showing you how to turn one main meal into different variety unless you want to reheat leftovers and eat the same thing.

“How long does the program last, and how many meals does it include?”


The course comes with 4 modules and each week we release one new module that comes with video demos as well as PDF downloads.


Each week we only spend time and money to batch shop and prep around 2 main meals (all balanced with protein, vegetables, and low carbohydrate) and I’ll show you how to change them up to completely different dishes.


This will save you grocery bills and prep time because shopping lists and prepping are consolidated for common items.


The meals are measured with generous serving quantities (1/2 lbs protein per adult per meal) not including the vegetables and low carb items that come with the complete meal prep PLUS extra quantity left for the next day’s lunch.


If every night you serve a different dish, most of the people find themselves with leftover food by Friday.


If you are single, my freezer cooking technique will help you store and save extra protein in the freezer to keep them fresh and just defrost when you are ready !


The program also comes with Mini Menus in the vault for members to access.


These Mini Menus are designed for shorter meal prep time (but still come with very generous serving quantity). They are perfect when you just don’t have time to do a full meal prep following the course module.


The Mini Menus can also serve as a wonderful add-on to the course modules. We add new content every quarter to the vault to reflect seasonal produce and recipes.

“Do I have to keep paying for the course every month?”


The course is yours to keep and use it whenever and however you prefer. There are no reoccurring charges.


We are constantly perfecting the program based on our course members’ recommendations. (Like the extra vault access 🙂 Currently I’m also working on adding more no prep time meals for emergency use, and as a course member you’ll get full access to all materials with no extra charge.

• • •

I created Cook Once Eat All Week for real, actual, busy people. People who know the benefits of eating real, whole, unprocessed food.  People who want to come home, open their fridge, and pull out a dinner that makes them feel good. And most of all, people who understand by putting a little time aside per week will give them the freedom to the rest of week coming home to simple, succulent meals.

Cook Once Eat All Week is NOT for you if …


You aren’t interested in cooking.


You don’t like exciting flavors (all you want is hot pockets and lean cuisine).

Cook Once Eat All Week IS for you if …


You love eating flavorful food that doesn’t taste the same day after day. No boring turkey salad. No greasy take-out. Just simple, succulent meals.


You’re a busy working professional who wants to eat better, but doesn’t want to spend all night in the kitchen.


You don’t just collect recipes – you want action steps that actually show you how to work great food into your schedule.


Also, I want you to be able to try Cook Once Eat All Week risk-free. That’s why, if you don’t love it, I’ll give you your money back.

• • •

An Unbeatable Guarantee: Try Cook Once Eat All Week for a full 90 days 100% risk-free

Like all the recipes I shared on my site, I spend months making sure that this program is excellent. And most importantly it’s the trust and friendship we’ve developed over time. So I would never risk it to make a quick buck.


If you don’t love what you are eating – if you are not eating amazingly good food, feeling better than ever, and relieved how easy it’s become to maintain a healthy lifestyle – just email me (Hello@IHeartUmami.com) for a full refund and we’ll still be friends.

Imagine coming home to dinner with THIS instead of a cold turkey salad again 

If you’ve ever enjoyed a meal using my recipe – whether it’s from my site or from the meal prep challenge – you know what an awesome feeling is when eating mouthwatering healthy food become a part of your daily life.


It doesn’t require more of your time, thought and effort, you can have the kinds of meals you’ve dreamed about – made from scratch – in just 2 to 2 ½ hours per week.


And I can help.

Today, I invite you to join Cook Once Eat All Week.


Stop Wondering What To Eat Tonight In One Click

1 payment of $79 U.S. 

Limited Time Offer

If you have any questions or concerns about the program, just email me at:


Stop Wondering What To Eat Tonight In One Click