Cook Once, Eat All Week – Week 2

Click the link below to download the PDF Shopping list, Prep Instructions, and Serving Day Instructions.

Cook Once Eat All Week – Week 2 Menu

Prep Instructions

0:01 Overview
1:07 Chop Aromatics
2:07 Prepare Vegetables

Assemble the ingredients:
4:41 Pack Stir-Fry Combos
5:37 Slow Cook Bulgogi Stew
6:16 Bake Cauliflower Rice and Cauliflower Carrot Rice
6:45 Make Chilled Zucchini Slices

Serving Day Instructions

Meal 1 – Paleo Slow Cooker Beef (or Pork) Bulgogi with Lettuce Wraps (video footage 0:01)
Meal 2 – Paleo Korean Bulgogi Bowl with Cauliflower Rice and Chilled Zucchini Sides (0:21)
Meal 3 – Sesame Ginger Chicken With Summer Squash (0:39)
Meal 4 – Healthy Orange Chicken Over Warm Kale (2:15)