Good Food Brings Family And Friends Together


– Eat Amazing Food, Feel Great, And Lose Weight As You Do It – 


Finally you step-out of the office after a long-day’s work.

You stretch the shoulders and try to breathe-in that last little bit of fresh air and sunlight before it all goes away.

Another day’s just passed by.

The traffic was jamming you up, and all you want is to curl up on that comfortable sofa at home and enjoy a nice peaceful evening.

Your cell phone rings. It’s husband asking how your day is going, with the kids’ lovely voices behind.

It warms you up right from the bottom of your heart. It made you smile.


But then…he asks: “What should we eat for dinner tonight?”


You hadn’t anticipated that question. Didn’t I prepare a big pot of beef stew for the week??

You found a recipe on the internet that inspired you to grocery shop and prep for the week. You followed the recipe, step-by-step, and made sure all ingredients were paleo compliant. You gave a nice pat on your shoulder – Job well done! Whew ~


But now, you realize there’s not enough food left in that pot of stew for dinner tonight. You scratch your head thinking what to do while stuck in traffic.

Should we do take-out ? But it’s filled with sugar and junk.

I just want hearty comfort food instead of take out salad again.

I’m so close to my 30-day challenge and really don’t want to break my goal !


It’s so frustrating when things don’t go the way you planned.

You want to scream.


You’ve seen people telling you it’s so easy to do 30-day challenge or follow a diet.

You’ve seen people succeed at the challenge, and get clearer skin and shed weight as a result.


Maybe they are super disciplined and never had an issue running out of food choices.

Maybe they don’t get tired of eating the same thing.

Maybe they just cook better than me.



Like you, those who succeeded ran into the same issues we all do.

They went through the phases of flavor fatigue and looked for ways to invent new dishes, to create excitement.

They wanted to spend time with their families and hang out with friends over the weekend without locking themselves up in the kitchen COOKING.

They are not as perfect as you think.

So…How did they make eating Paleo seem so easy breezy ?

Want to know the answer? I’ll tell you.


Because they figured out a rhythm: a system that helped them maintain a diet Every, Single, Day.

Easy, Tasty, Nutritious Food.

And that’s the key to a successful diet and getting your results fast.

What if you could whip-up a mouth-watering and nutritious meals in under 30 minutes, using even the limited ingredients you have at home?


Let’s rewind to a few minutes before you hang-up the call.

“What’s for dinner tonight?” asks the husband.

“Hmm… I think I might just have the answer to that when I get home.”

You ask your husband how his day was and how are the kids did at school today. Maybe you ask him to go check the fridge and see what’s available and in the meantime, as you contemplate your next move – a few simple steps to pull a good tasty meal together fast.

Once home, you quickly tackle a balanced meal that fits the bill. You sprinkle a few seasonings that immediately transcend your cooking.

You know exactly what to do. You feel confident. You are in control.

Within 30 minutes, your house smells great and the meal is ready in no time.

You are happy you can do that by yourself without compromising your health goals.


Because you know nothing beats a good, tasty, nutritious homemade meal.


Good food means love. It’s a form of communication that brings family together.

From flavor fatigue to enjoying cooking again.


From feeling tired all-the-time to sailing through the day with endless energy.


Coming home to enjoy a mouthwatering meal and losing weight as you eat amazing food.


Here’s how you do it…


The IHeartUmami Cooking School For Asian-Inspired Paleo Food Lovers

The IHeartUmami Cooking School is a 4-Part, Online, Multimedia Course for intermediate to advanced home cooks.

It covers the basic knowledge and tools you need to succeed with everyday paleo home cooking, and gives you the confidence to whip-up easy, tasty, and nutritious meals in under 30 minutes.

Over 4 short videos, you’ll discover how to prepare food that tastes amazing and actually fits into your busy life.


If you just want to print another recipe, visit But if you want to learn the most distilled and simplified aspects of creating magical meals in the shortest amount of time possible, this course is for you.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you can enjoy meals like these right in the comfort of your home after a full-day’s-work.

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It all starts from the first module where we create a mouth-watering Thai green coconut curry together.

We start with creamy coconut curry because it’s a dish we are all familiar with.

I will walk you through the underlying secrets to make coconut curry creamy, savory, and deeply-satisfying, and how you can use it to liven up your own dishes before your next batch cooking.

Next, a flavor you’ve been daydreaming about since you began Paleo.

The key thing most diets miss is that meal time should be a rewarding experience. You’ve worked hard to get where you are and now it’s time for something decadent.

I’ll show you how to access the flavor you’ve been craving, in a way that won’t give you sugar crash. You’ll eat delicious food, feel amazing, and burst with energy.

Then, you’ll discover a secret shortcut to making magical meals every single time.

Sometimes you just want to enjoy a bowl of refreshing leafy greens.

This module isn’t about teaching you how to count calories. It’s about creating the most crunchy, refreshing, and colorful veggies that you actually look forward to eating.

Plus, I will show you how to create the most amazing meal when you don’t have time to grocery shop.

Now we are ready to sail through the week and wow the family.

Most people are busy wondering what grocery lists they’ll need for next week.

But you’re beyond that. We’ve made creamy savory curry stew, sizzling sweet and savory chicken, and cooked the most amazing soft, flaky aromatic sea bass.

Whether you are cooking for yourself or 10 – whether over the weekend or during the weekday, I’ll show you how to sail through the week and wow the family.

Can you imagine the look on your family’s’ face when you bring out the dishes?

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Look at the IHeartUmami Paleo Cooking School difference

Here are what my students say about the program:

Simone S. Food

Linda F Testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • I’m very busy right now – how long will I have access to the course?

    No worries: you have lifetime access to the course. So you can follow the course at your own pace and revisit the lessons whenever you want. Though I recommend that you spend 10-15 mins/day for 4 consecutive days so you can get the best result out of the course in the shortest amount of time and start making good food fast !

  • I’m a complete beginner. Is this course for me?

    Sorry. The course is not designed for beginners. How to tell if you’ve passed the beginner level ? You are able to chop veggies and know how to tell when chicken is cooked through. If you find you need to know how to boil water and saute vegetables or how to fried an egg, the course might be too difficult for you.

  • I’m a dude. Will this work for me?

    Oh hey! The IHeartUmami Cooking School program welcomes smart women and men. The content isn’t gender-specific. 25-30% of our students are men. And we – ladies – always have a soft spot for men who can cook !

  • What if I have questions? What if I need help?

    We want each of our students feel at ease and have fun going through the lessons. We know how tricky sometimes computers can be so if you need any technical help accessing the course, just send us a quick note. I will get back to you within 24 hours.  For your questions about the lessons, use the comment area below the screen of each lesson and you’ll receive my personal answer to clear up a point or get more explanation on a topic.

  • Am I too old for this? Is this course only for 20-somethings?

    Good food has no age limit ! Most of my students are women over 30 —women in charge of their lives who know how important it is to pay attention to their diet and lifestyle. That said, we also have students whose ages range from 26 to over 60 —so you’re more than welcome to join. And between you and me, if you fear running into technical difficulties accessing the course online, fear not! I’ll be there to help if you need me.

“I’ve always loved Asian/Chinese food and am happy that ChihYu introduces me to making Asian food in a Paleo compliant manner. My French house smells great and most importantly, my children and grandchildren enjoy the food I make that I learned from the course. ”

 – Ir. k.j. Schell

You'll Have Lifetime Access

Watch at your convenience

10-15 mins per day. Re-watch whenever it's convenient to you.

Downloadable PDF lesson summary, course materials, and reference chart.

Uncover the secrets behind turning boring health food to delicious meals


Watch and study the presentations any time, for life.

Learn best practices for building good & healthy cooking foundation that save you time and money !

My Unbeatable Guarantee

Want to be sure it’s the right course for you?


This course comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.


This is not a hit-and-run course, like so many other online offers. I stand by my courses, just like a real-life teacher would, with the advantage of learning it remotely at your leisure.


Good news. You have 90 days (yes, that’s 86 days longer than the FULL course) to go through all the lessons and see if the course works for you. So you can be sure that it’s up to your level, that you like my style of teaching, and that your dishes are tastier and healthier than before.


However, if you aim to take full advantage of the course and then ask for a refund, don’t join. This course is not for you.


Actually, this course is not for everyone. It’s for the right people. I built this course for people who want to learn how to build a system to eat better and live happier, and only them. If you don’t want to, don’t join us. I give my best to my students, so I expect the same from them.


If the course doesn’t suit you, email me to ask for a refund and you’ll get 100% of your money back. No need to threaten, to plead or to send an official letter, just an email asking for a refund. But I’d only ask you to tell us why so we understand what’s going on (maybe we can help?). But if you don’t feel like it, just say you want a refund. We’ll send your money back (yes, including the VAT if you live in Europe).


We want each of our students, no matter what country, age and life opportunities to improve the way they approach food when it comes to meal time. If the course is not for you, you’ll waste your money and feel frustrated. I don’t want that.


If your money would be better spent on 1 take-out delivery plus tips, that’s fine. I support your decision and trust that you are making a good choice for your own health goals.



We are dedicated to customer care and your happiness comes first. Always.

1 Payment of $47 U.S.

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If you have any questions or concerns about the course, just email me at: